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Live Video Streaming HD RTMP / TV Station

RTMP Video Streaming Plans from:

$500 Pesos MXN /Month

$28 USD | €26 Euros

Start your TV or Internet Video project right now!

What is a Video Streaming service for?

  • – Broadcast any event live.
  • – If you have a local TV, you can transmit your signal over the Internet.
  • – Turn your radio station into an Internet TV signal with the highest audio and video quality. Imagine being able to broadcast live what happens in the booth, your guests, news, anything you can think of.
  • – You will be able to alternate the transmission between the cameras you have installed, videos hosted on your computer, images, put your radio transmission as background or main audio, your logo, identification texts with amazing graphics.
  • – You can handle transition effects when switching from one image to another with several very professional effects.
  • – TV STATION function, you can create playlists of videos (uploaded via FTP) to be played while there is no live signal. As soon as the server detects your live signal, the server will automatically link your audience to the live signal and when your live broadcast is over, the server will return to your programming.


Video Streaming Service Specifications:

  1. Video Quality – Full HD.
  2. Unlimited Monthly Transfer (Bandwidth).
  3. Bitrate up to 2000 kbps (If you require higher kbps please contact us to generate a quote).
  4. HTTPS Enabled (Secure Streaming).
  5. Adaptive bitrate based on your audience’s connection.
  6. Control Panel (Total Administration and Statistics).
  7. Compatible with all browsers. HTML5 player.
  8. Compatible with iOS, Android, Tablets, Ipads, etc. mobiles.
  9. Compatible with WireCast, OBS, VMix, Camtasia Studio, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, etc.
  10. Facebook Live Broadcast Enabled.
  12. Up to 25 GB space (AUTODJ TV STATION).


Our plans include:


MediaCP Panel

You will be able to fully manage your service, consult Statistics, etc.
Click here to go to the DEMO
(Username: demo) (Password: demo)

Ancho de Banda ilimitado

UNLIMITED transfer

All our plans have unlimited monthly transfer, so you will never run out of transfer.

Player HTML5

HTML5 Players

HTML5 Player fully compatible with all web browsers and mobile devices (Iphone, Android, Ipad, Tablets, etc).

TV Streaming

AutoDJ / TV Station

Your service will always be playing videos or recorded programs thanks to the AUTODJ / TV Station, it configures automatic playlists.

Candado SSL

SSL Secure Streaming

Tune in under HTTPS protocol, this avoids disabling the padlock on your website when viewing the broadcast.


Software Multicompatibility

You can stream with WireCast, OBS, VMix, Camtasia Studio, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, etc.


Mobile Broadcasting

Stream from your Iphone, Ipad, Android or tablet totally LIVE!

In annual contract you only pay 10 months! and also get
1 Free Web Hosting and 1 Free Domain for the first year!

Video Streaming Live / TV Station Plans:




Playlists /

TV Station

SSL support /


Video Streaming Live / TV Station HD – Pack 100 100 YES / 10 GB SPACE Including
Video Streaming Live / TV Station HD – Pack 200 200 YES / 20 GB SPACE Including
Video Streaming Live / TV Station HD – Pack 300 300 YES / 30 GB SPACE Including
Video Streaming Live / TV Station HD – Pack 400 400 YES / 40 GB SPACE Including
Video Streaming Live / TV Station HD – Pack 500 500 YES / 50 GB SPACE Including

Do you require a more advanced or different plan?

Contact us at

indicating your needs and we will send you a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have any questions or doubts? Check below the frequently asked questions about our Video Streaming Live / TV Station HD service. In case they do not solve your doubts, ask us your question directly in the form!

Streaming is a service that has been designed for live audio/video broadcasts over the Internet. You send the audio/video signal to our streaming servers (broadcast servers) and your audience connects to the streaming server through the Internet to listen to the live audio signal. The means by which your audience can view your broadcast is on a web page where the player is included.

All streaming plans include a control panel (MediaCP), from this control panel you can among other functions:

- Access your console by username and password
- Check the number of connected listeners
- Advanced graphical statistics
- Activate Auto Dj
- Manage your playlists
- Start/Stop the streaming server

It is very simple, it requires a PC and an Internet connection (At least 500 kbps upstream). Install a streaming software such as WireCast, OBS, VMix, Camtasia Studio, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, etc. It is very easy to set up and we can support you if required.

You only need to access the website where you have placed the player through a PC or Mobile Device.

There is no problem, you can have hosting and streaming in different companies because these services are independent of each other. You only need to place the player code in your web page.

Orders are activated immediately after payment is confirmed.

Yes, you can change your plan at any time you wish, you will only pay the price difference between the plans.

Do you have any questions?

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