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IceCast Hosting

IceCast Hosting
Panel Centova Cast

IceCast Radio Streaming Plans from:

$150 Pesos MXN /Month

$8 USD | 7 Euros

Start your Internet Radio right now!

IceCast is perfect for audio streaming with high quality and minimum delay time, it is designed for superior stability.


Centova Cast is the control panel that MEXISERVER makes available to radio customers, so that they can easily and quickly manage their radio station. Centovacast gives us the opportunity to create a new radio station both LIVE and PrograAutomatic Programming (AutodJ) of playlists 24 hours a day.

Centovacast offers a wide range of possibilities and information to be able to use our service with the maximum potential and create your station in a professional way and available via internet all over the world.

Aspects to highlight:

  1. Easy to use web interface
  2. AutoDJ with powerful programming manager
  3. Drag and drop with AJAX media library – Demo
  4. Detailed statistical reports – Demo
  5. Monitoring and automated restarting of Streams
  6. Home page for each station, equipped with better widgets – Demo

Radio Streaming IceCast:

Live Demo - Quality 320 Kbps

Click to play button

Get a player like this, in our HTML5 HD Player Generator – Click here

Your transmission is fully compatible with the latest generation of cell phones:

Iphone, Ipad, Ipod       Mobiles Android

Want to check it out? Enter to this section wiht your cell phone and click on the play button of the player.

All Our Plans include:


Panel Centova Cast

You will be able to fully manage your radio, view statistics, etc. Click here to go to the DEMO of MEXISERVER.

Ancho de Banda ilimitado

UNLIMITED transfer

All our plans have unlimited monthly transfer, so you will never run out of transfer.

HTML5 Player

HTML5 Players

HTML5 Player fully compatible with all web browsers and mobile devices (Iphone, Android, Ipad, Tablets, etc).



Your radio will always be playing your music or recorded programs thanks to AUTODJ, set up automatic playlists. Starting with 56 kbps plans.

Candado SSL

Streaming Seguro SSL

Tune in under HTTPS protocol, this avoids disabling the padlock on your website when tuning the radio. Starting with 56 kbps plans.

PROMO! In annual plans you only pay 10 months! and also get a Free Web Hosting and a Free Domain for the first year!

Planes Radio Streaming IceCast - Panel Centova Cast:

Precios con IVA Incluido, sin sorpresas Facturamos TODOS nuestros servicios

Plan – Audio Quality Limit Listeners AutoDJ SSL/https support Price
IceCast Pack 320 Kbps 500 Yes / 10 GBs Yes
IceCast Pack 256 Kbps 500 Yes / 7 GBs Yes
IceCast Pack 192 Kbps 500 Yes / 6 GBs Yes
IceCast Pack 128 Kbps 400 Yes / 5 GBs Yes
IceCast Pack 96 Kbps 300 Yes / 4 GBs Yes
IceCast Pack 64 Kbps 200 Yes / 3 GBs Yes
IceCast Pack 56 Kbps 100 Yes / 2 GBs Yes

Do you require a more advanced or different plan?

Contact us at indicating your needs and we will send you personalized info.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have any questions or doubts? Check below the Frequently Asked Questions about our Radio Streaming IceCast Service with Centovacast Panel. In case they do not solve your doubts, ask us your question directly in the form!

El Streaming es un servicio que ha sido pensado para emisiones de Audio/Video en directo a través de Internet. Usted envía la señal de audio/video a nuestros servidores de streaming (broadcast servers) y sus oyentes se conectan al servidor de streaming a través de Internet para escuchar la señal de audio en directo. El medio por el cual sus oyentes pueden conectarse a su radio puede ser una pagina web en la cual se incluya el reproductor de audio o también pueden escucharlo directamente a través de Windows Media Player, Winamp, QuickTime o RealPlayer.

Todos los planes de streaming incluyen un panel de control (Centovacast), desde este panel de control usted podrá entre otras funciones:

- Aceder a su consola mediante usuario y contraseña
- Revisar la cantidad de oyentes conectados.
- Estadísticas Gráficas avanzadas.
- Activación de Auto Dj.
- Administrar sus listas de reproducción
- Iniciar/Detener el servidor de streaming

Es muy sencillo, requiere una PC y una conexión a Internet (Al menos 128 kbps de subida). Instalar un software de transmisión como es Winamp con Plugin DSP ShoutCast, Sam Broadcaster, Virtual Dj, etc. Es muy sencilla la configuración y podemos apoyarle en caso de que lo requiera.

El oyente solo necesita ingresar al sitio web en donde coloque el player (reproductor) de su radio a través de una PC o Dispositivo Móvil. También podrán escucharlo desde Winamp, Windows Media Player, QuickTime y RealPlayer.

No existe ningún problema, usted puede tener hosting y streaming en empresas diferentes pues estos servicios son independientes uno del otro. Solo deberá colocar el código del player (reproductor) en su página web.

Los pedidos son activados inmediatamente después de confirmado su pago.

Sí, puede cambiar de plan en el momento que desee, sólo pagará la diferencia de precios entre los planes.

Do you have any questions?

    Reviews from our clients:

    Below are some of the opinions of our clients, if you want to leave an opinion of our services please send it to the email:

    Excellent services, I have 1 web hosting reseller plan and 1 streaming radio reseller plan. I have rarely required technical support because they are stable servers, but when I have any questions they are always available. Thank you very much MEXISERVER.


    Carlos López

    Soluciones Digitales SUR

    Very good services, I changed to MEXISERVER because my previous online radio was down very often. Now with MEXISERVER, I have no problems and my radio is always online.

    Muy Bien

    Ana María Ruiz

    Radio Acropolis

    I have found the services they offer to be very good, I highly recommend them. They helped me migrate my website from another provider for free. They handle very good promotions. And the website builder is very easy to use. Thank you.


    Alfonso Aguilar

    4.9/5 (80 Reviews)
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