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Plataforma Mexiserver


Consolidated company since 2011,
offering digital solutions
at international level.

¿Por qué elegir a MexiServer? La respuesta es simple.

Cloud Server

Number of Clients per Server

Too many clients on a server can overload it and exhaust resources: Disk Space, Processor usage and Bandwidth. At MexiServer we make sure our servers have the necessary users without sacrificing quality of service and without stressing the equipment.



In case the server ever has an unrecoverable failure, MexiServer has a complete backup of each and every one of our clients, so we can have your site up and running in a short period of time.


Easy-to-use services and technologies

Our services have a very easy to understand and manage interface, in addition to multiple tutorials.

Monitoreo de Sistemas

Continuous Monitoring

One of our main functions is the continuous monitoring of our servers in order to prevent potential problems and avoid interruptions of any kind. In this way we are the first to know about any inconvenience and deal with it in a proper way.


The best quality in digital WEB services

Our main objective is the total satisfaction of all our customers.

SAT México

Legality and the best prices!

All our services are invoiced, our prices already include VAT, so there is no additional or hidden charge other than the price shown.


Reviews from our clients:

Below are some of the opinions of our clients, if you want to leave an opinion of our services please send it to the email: [email protected]

Excellent services, I have 1 web hosting reseller plan and 1 streaming radio reseller plan. I have rarely required technical support because they are stable servers, but when I have any questions they are always available. Thank you very much MEXISERVER.


Carlos López

Soluciones Digitales SUR

Very good services, I changed to MEXISERVER because my previous online radio was down very often. Now with MEXISERVER, I have no problems and my radio is always online.

Muy Bien

Ana María Ruiz

Radio Acropolis

I have found the services they offer to be very good, I highly recommend them. They helped me migrate my website from another provider for free. They handle very good promotions. And the website builder is very easy to use. Thank you.


Alfonso Aguilar

5/5 (1 Review)
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